Hello world!

Hello world

Welcome to my blog. This is the first time I’m blogging, or writing  a blog at least. Suddenly blogging has become a new verb. Well, at least it is a new word in my vocabulary. A word I am now actively using and aware of.

Anyway, I could just ramble on without really saying why I’m blogging in the first place. So before that happens let me start.

I had studied to become a teacher. I had rather a trying time while I studied but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of being at  university. So I qualified and got my degree and then found a job.

A job, yes a job!

A very real adult concept… I am feeling very grown up at this point and seemingly very unprepared too.

I landed up a job at public school that was quite under-resourced and in need of a whole lot of TLC. I was going to teach social science and a language that I was not fluent in but was reassured that it would be fine and I’d get all the help of need. Well… That didn’t quite happen and it made my start difficult. Added to that I had just been diagnosed with glandular fever…


If you don’t know what it is, go Google it.

It’s not a cool thing to have  at all.

Anyway after two and a bit years at the school, and a hellishing time to say the least, I spare the details this time round and save it for another blog, I finally got offered a teaching post at a special needs school.

Yep, a special needs school.

Many people thought I was mad or something along those lines, but I’ve always had an interest in special needs and remedial teaching.

WiTh no formal training and little experience in special needs education, I will be blogging about my journey and experiences at the special needs school.

For now, I’m headed to club duvet for some muc needed sleep.



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